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Luis B-First Bata School Shoes

Sku: SLSP6151
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  • BFirst by Bata is an outstanding range of school shoes built to last and meet the unique needs of school children from all walks of life.
  • Children believe that anything is possible and BFirst by Bata believes in our children.
  • We believe in helping children realize their dreams by offering comfortable, affordable, and durable school shoes to help take care of their growing feet.
  • Made from artificial leather, it is a great option for budget-conscious parents as well.
  • BFirst by Bata will be there to support your child as they work towards achieving their dreams and so much more.
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Product/Brand Benefits BFirst by Bata has four fundamental product pillars:

  • Made by Bata Produced by a quality, trusted brand with a reliable and excellent reputation in the country.
  • Value for Money A good-quality shoe is available at an affordable price.
  • Comfort Designed to support a child’s schooling life through comfortable footwear.
  • Good Quality Durable and reliable footwear for school and/or extracurricular activities. 
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