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Fundamentals Of Civics Form 1

Sku: SLSP6087
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  • ISBN:9987415164
  • Number of pages: 109 pages
  • Product Format: Paperback
  • Author: H Shemaeze et al
  • Publisher: Longhorn Publishers Ltd
  • Year published: 2020
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Fundamentals of civics is a series written by competent and experienced teachers in the local and international curriculum. They have taught in various leading secondary schools in Tanzania and have worked as examiners of the TCSE. Fundamentals of civics Book One is designed for Form one students. This is also a good revision book for preparing students to meet the challenges of civics Examinations. Main Features:

  • Materials are arranged logically from simple to complex,
  • Advice on how to prepare and tackle history Exams,
  • Examination-type revision questions as well as self-help exercises,
  • A reader-friendly approach for effective knowledge transmission.

Other Books in the Series:

  • Fundamentals of civics Book Two for Form II
  • Fundamentals of civics Book Three for Form III
  • Fundamentals of civics Book Four for Form IV
  • Fundamentals of civics Model Questions & Answers Forms One and Two
  • Fundamentals of civics Model Questions & Answers Forms Three and Four

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